The studio is fully equipped with a variety of Elinchrom and Profoto lighting equipment. Apple MacPro computers and high speed communications lines support digital capture and post-production work. Many studio sessions are done with the camera tethered to a one of the studio computers with 27 and 30” color-corrected monitors.

The 2nd floor studio has elevator access, 17’ ceilings, ceiling rigging to suspend various items and a 12D x 16W x 11H' cyclorama.
Chris Crumley Photography Studio

The wet studio is a perfect location for production of wet images. The deep end is a 12x15x8' cyclorama and the entire pool/tank is concrete with an 11% gray smooth surface. The salt water temperature and pH levels are closely maintained and DE-filtered for water clarity and crew comfort.

Chris Crumley Wet Photography Studio